Orchid Asia invests US$75 million in Delsk Group.


Good news

After nearly six months of consultation and integration, Delsk Group ushered in a historic moment on August 9. Orchid Asia officially signed agreement with Delsk Group for the investment of US$75 million, holding 10% of the total share.

Orchid Asia Group is an investment group that manages approximately US$3 billion of assets, Focusing on backing experienced executives in building franchises in Asia, with an emphasis in China.

Orchid Asia mainly invests in expanding domestic enterprises in high barrier to entry businesses that have good growth prospects in the consumer services and products sector, as well as the outsourced manufacturing and services sector.

Orchid Asia Group's managing partners are well-known banks and financial institutions. Two of the investors are named Pennsylvania Public School Employee's Retirement System (PSERS) and Oregon Public Employee Retirement Fund (OPERF).PSERS and OPERF are US pension funds. As of the end of 2016, their asset management values were about US $ 50 billion and US $ 70 billion respectively.

With more than 20 years of experience in the market, Orchid Asia is one of the first international funds to invest in China, which assists the enterprises and their founders in various aspects such as market development strategy and business operation, to achieve a win-win goal for both sides.

Orchid Asia invests and assists in listing more than 25 enterprises.

Successful investment cases

Orchid Asia successfully led the earliest investment in Ctrip(China's largest online travel service enterprise) and helped the company to list on Nasdaq in December 2003;

Orchid Asia is the first investor of Eachnet, (an online auction company based in China) and successfully sold the company to US eBay in June 2003;

Orchid Asia brings the investment of Telstra (ASX: TLS) to Norstar Advertising Media (An Internet vertical portal company in Chinese market) as its strategic investor in August 2008. In 2010, Orchid Asia partitioned Internet and Automobile Advertising Business of Autohome Inc., whose auto advertising business has become China's largest Internet sales platform.

Orchid Asia also assisted Autohome Inc. to successfully list on the New York Stock Exchange in December 2013.

Orchid Asia has led the first and second round investments of Zhaopin (One of the largest online recruitment companies in China) and introduced SEEK (ASX: SEK) (Australia's largest online recruitment group) and Macquarie Bank as strategic investors and sold its shares in August 2008.

Orchid Asia invested in Soufun(One of China's largest online real estate sales platform),which was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in November 2010.

Delsk Group has worked with thousands of Chinese partners to provide overseas asset allocation and management services to Chinese investors since 2008. With the growing demand from Chinese investors and the strong support from its partners, Delsk Group has been growing rapidly.

On August 9, 2017, Delsk Group took the first step into the capital market. Mr.Li Jipei, Executive Director of Orchid Asia and Mr.Wang Jing, President of Delsk Group, signed the strategic investment agreement on behalf of both parties at the Ritz-Carlton in Beijing.
Orchid Asia invests US$ 75 million in Delsk Group as its shareholders and together committed to global business expansion, providing quality value-added services to investors; Orchid Asia will actively participate in the Delsk group's future strategic planning, and assist Delsk in improving operational, financial management and capital operation capabilities.
With extensive experience in capital management and investment, Orchid Asia’s participation will surely improve the ability of Delsk to avoid risks in the future business development.

Sign the agreement

Mr. Wang Jing (Left II) signs a cooperation agreement with Mr. Li Jipei (Right II)

This cooperation between Orchid Asia and Delsk group is another historic achievement, which we believe will certainly promote the development of Delsk and even the whole industry of overseas investment allocation.