Double 11| Figo visits Guangzhou “Encounter with No.7”


Luis Figo

Louise Figo-The God beloved player on the green field. As a world footballer, he lighted the fire of passion on football field; as a Portuguese, he deeply loves his country.

On November 11, FIFA World Player Luis Figo takes part in a series of activities on the theme of "Encounter with No.7." in Guangzhou. During the event, Mr. Figo introduces a charming country Portugal, which again ignites the investment boom of Portugal.

Mr. Figo goes to the event venue

Mr Figo's extraordinary achievement in the football career attracts a great number of fans and brings Portuguese culture to China, letting more Chinese investors to better understand Portugal.

On the afternoon of the 11th, Mr. Figo meets “big fans” and “small fans” on the football ground. Speaking of Portugal, the very first thing comes to mind is football.

Parents are very much looking forward that the international football star Mr.Figo could share a few tips to their children. Attracted by the charm of football, parents also hope to take their children to Portugal for the quality education. On the football ground, “small fans” and their parents watch the extraordinary football skills of the world star.

Mr. Figo is surrounded by passionate fans.

Mr.Figo is watching the training of the little players.

Mr. Figo is taking photo with little fans.

Clients all arrived early at the dinner scene. Mr. Figo appeared on stage along with hot Flamenco dance, arousing warm applause from the audiences.

Hot Flamenco dance opens the prelude.

Mr. Figo is introducing the charming country Portugal.

During the interview, Mr. Figo introduces   local life and famous scenic spots of Portugal, presenting the cultural charm in many perspectives, including tourism, local life and environment, which quicken the interest of the audience.

Photo of the Award-winning audience and Mr.Figo

At the end of the event, Mr. Figo takes the lucky spectators on the scene and presents them with signed football and jersey. The economic recovery of Portugal in recent two years has created a good investment environment for investors. Portugal is undoubtedly a dark horse in the global real estate investment market, attracting a great attention from the investors.

The event provides investors a full picture of various attractiveness of Portugal, while letting investors best understand the advantages of Portugal's investment projects.

Advantages of Golden Residence Permit Programme

1.One person purchases of real estate property with a value equal to or above 500 thousand Euros, three generations can benefit that applicants' parents, the spouse's parents, and children can all obtain a gold residence permit with no more need of investment.

2.One of the fastest approved residence projects: In September 2015, the Portugal SEF issued amendments to the immigration law, stipulating that "the relevant authorities must reply to the results of the approval of the first application for gold residence within 90 days of application" and "the relevant department must reply to the approval result of the renewal of the gold residence within 60 day of application".

3.  After five years, an applicant can apply for permanent residence and the property is allowed to sell.

4.The application conditions are lenient: no proof of funds requirements, no business background requirements, no educational background or language requirements.

5.The applicants only need to spend seven days in Portugal during the first year, and only fourteen days out of the subsequent two-year periods;

6.Golden residence permit holders can work, do business and open companies in Portugal.

7.Real estate can be rented out, so the rent can provide a stable income and applicants can also gain value-added returns in the future

8.Applicants who receive a golden residence permit card can have free and easy access to 26 Schengen countries and Start a journey with no overelaborate procedures.