Delsk Russia Branch is established! A new profound achievement of the global development strategy.


Recently, the Russia branch of Delsk group has been formally established in Russia, a country full of exotic customs across Asia and Europe.

This is another success of the Delsk in global strategic and overseas business development, following the establishment of its subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam, which will further penetrate the Asia-Europe region market and deploy the strategic landscape of Europe, to better provide quality services to investors in the Pan-Asia-Pacific region.

Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation

Russian Presidential Executive Office

Red Square

Moscow Kremlin

The Moskva River

Located on Lubyansky Street, Delsk Russian branch is close to the major Russian government agencies and famous historic sites, which brings together the history, culture and business center of Moscow, welcoming thousands of tourists every year.

The office is located on the 3rd floor of the office center on the busy area of Lubyansky street, close to Red Square Business Center in the cluster area of International companies, which holds the economic lifeline of the Moscow city. The excellent geographical location and the surroundings provide more investors with international, professional and global services of overseas asset allocation.

The Plevna Chapel

Lubyansky Street

Business center entrance

Delsk Group is committed to creating professional, high quality, and comfortable services and office environment for every employees and investors. Elites of the Russian branch are determined to best meet the needs of investors and provide global high-net-worth clients with precision services.

High end business office space

Wide fashion office indoor setting

Delsk certificate of honor

With a professional and precise investment idea, Russia branch colleagues provide services to every investor enthusiastically. They all well understand local customs and diversified business investment model of Russia, carrying out local work on a brand new look.

Document review

Deliberate discussion

Russia branch employees

As a global cross-border asset allocation and investment service platform, Delsk Group not only brings global investors and asset allocation projects into the Pan-Asia Pacific market, but also extends Russia's superior asset resources to the rest of the world. As an important part of the global development strategy, we look forward to the excellent performance of Delsk Group Russia.