LVYUE Group and DELSK Group Have Agreed Upon Strategic Cooperation Together Launch the Global Buyout Fund


The signing ceremony for the strategic Cooperation between LVYUE Group and DELSK Group was held in Beijing on February 6, 2018. Zhang Qiang, CEO of LVYUE Group and Wang Jing, President of DELSK Group attended the ceremony together.

Signing ceremony for the strategic Cooperation between LVYUE Group and DELSK Group

At the signing ceremony, two sides announced their decision to jointly establish the LVYUE-DELSK Global Hotel Buyout Fund and fully share the business and resource advantages in the fields of e-commerce in tourism, hotel operations management, tourism data analysis, overseas real estate, overseas study, overseas investment fund, etc. The fund, which is a special fund for tourism & resort hotels, will focus on the overseas attractions hotels of LVYUE Group. And it helps to enhance the cooperation between two sides to promote the development of overseas hotels and provide quality services for outbound travelers.

DELSK- The Platform for Cross-border Asset Allocation and Global Investment Services

DELSK Group was founded in 2005, has now developed into a platform of cross-border asset allocation and global investment services, providing hundreds of thousands of families with one-stop solutions of global asset allocation worldwide.

The Group brings together real estate investment and financial investment products from different countries and regions in the world. After 10 years of development, its business scope ranges from Asia to Europe across 4 continents over 30 countries, engaging in co-operative strategies with multinational governments, real estate developers, law firms, financial institutions, medical institutions, etc. DELSK carries out high-quality product delivery and follow-up support at any time, which has established a perfect industrial ecology in the global context.

DELSK provides professional cross-border asset allocation services to over 1200 domestic and overseas institutions, covering a wide range of contraries and regions, including Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Saint Kitts, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Latvia and Thailand, etc.

President of Delsk Group Mr. Wang Jing is making a speech

Mr.Wang Jing, president of Delsk Group, says he is very much looking forward to this cooperation: “This real estate fund cooperation means that more and more local Chinese enterprises will open the eye on a large overseas service market. DELSK will also do its utmost to strengthen the cooperation between enterprises to build strong alliances.”

LVYUE - Infrastructure provider of tourism industry in the Internet + Era

Leaders of Delsk Group and Yuet Group are signing the strategic cooperation agreement

"The cooperation with DELSK Group in Real Estate Fund has played a positive role in promoting the development of the overseas high-end hotel industry. I hope it can take the leading role in the industry." said Zhang Qiang, CEO of LVYUE Group.

LVYUE Group is a strategic investment company of the Ctrip Group. It has managed to open 25 stores over just one year after the establishment in 2016, which expects to develop 500 hotels at home and abroad by the end of 2018.

LVYUE Group is committed to developing a convenient hotel management system and creating high-quality customer service experience, so as to achieve the right balance between standardization and personalization of tourism services. In China, in response to the call of the national tourism policy, it focuses essentially on the domestic tourist attractions and promoting the development of tourism industry, especially in the third and fourth-tier cities in addition to the development of the first and second-tier cities.

On a border picture, LVYUE Group aims at a large outbound market, to provide overseas Chinese tourists with safer, more convenient and higher quality accommodation experiences.

Under the "One Belt and One Road" Initiative, LVYUE Group actively creates a new type of tourism industry chain on a "global vision" of the establishment and management, providing one-stop solutions to clients with the support of online big data. LVYUE Group is dedicated to building the bridge of communication between countries in the tourism and hotel industries based on the outputs of its individually developed high-end technological products such as the PMS system.

Powerful alliances -"Double GP"
Cooperation on Hotel Management and Buyout Fund
The LVYUE - DELSK real estate fund will be firstly invested in Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries, to gradually achieve global business linkage and industrial layout.

Two leaders of Delsk Group and Yuet Group

LVYUE and DELSK adopted the structure of "Double GP (General Partner)", which LVYUE uses and manages the assets while DELSK is responsible for the management of the operations of the fund. The exit channels of the fund including REITs listing, transferring equity interests in the project company and ABS (Asset-backed Securities), etc.

This strategic cooperation between LVYUE and DELSK will open a new chapter in operation and management of global hotel fund.