Big News | People with MRVP Certificate can apply for Malta public school!


Now people can enjoy the public education resources by investing the Malta Residence and Visa Programme (hereinafter referred to MRVP), which means: the kids can attend Malta public school when they hold a Malta Resident Card through MRVP

Excellent Educational Resources and Well-organized Educational System

340 schools— It is the number of schools in Malta. And there is a school on an average of less than one square kilometer, what’s more, each town has a primary school.

11 years— The compulsory education in Malta begins from age 5 up to-16. And all public schools are free for nationals.

1:15—The Average ratio of students and teachers in Maltese compulsory education. And students will be taught according to their aptitude in smallsized classes.

47 libraries-- There are numbers of libraries acrossMalta, about there is a library every six square kilometers in average.

2+X—Multilingual education. School teaching uses both English and Maltese. Also students can learn other European languages as they like.

1 The general management of Maltese schools

Though the compulsory education in Malta begins from age 5 to age 16, actually it is also free in early childhood education and nursing.

The full name of ministry of education in Malta is Ministry for Education and Employment. And the subordinate unit in charge of emigrant education is Migrants Learner's Unit (MLU).

All non-EU students are required to register at MLU firstly. Then MLU will arrange schools for students according to their addresses.

2 Application Requirements

Maltese public education is free of charge for Maltese citizens and residents of the EU, EEA (EEA). While if Non-EU citizens who work in Malta and pay social security can also accept free education.

After non-citizens working and getting a job permit in Malta, and if they, as parents, earn an annual income over 20,000 euros, their children aged from 2 months-16 years old can enjoy free public education .

But what if the clients of MRVP cannot meet either of the two conditions?

Don’t worry, here is a solution.

As long as the MRVP clicents pay a certain tuition(just ¥ 4000), can their kids shere the good-quality public education resource of Malta.

There is some information about tuition in 2016 for your reference. While tuition fees may vary from school to school. Tuition fees will be paid every semester. And people can apply for returning all tuition once theparents have found jobs in Malta, because government and public schools of Malta will never make money from education.

学费 / € 小学 初中 高中
第一学期 156.07 186.35 218.96
第二学期 156.07 186.35 218.96
第三学期 153.74 186.35 214.30
总结(全年) 465.88 559.05 652.22
折合人民币(¥) 约3414 约4097 约4779

Depending on the grade of the school, people can enjoy public education after paying a year’s tuition.

3 Admission Process

Now, there are 11 Colleges under the charge of Ministry for Education and Employment. And every College has a College Principle to manage register and admission.

All the clients of MRVP can apply for schools according to their addresses. Steps are as follows:

• Step 1:Fill in the pre-registration application form;

• Step 2:Prepare the documents for application;

• Step 3:Make an appointment time with College office to hand over the application form and documents. Then the College Principle will arrange a school according to the student’s address.

Because every College covers several administrative areas, if the enrollment of this administrative area is full or students are not on the waiting list, College Principle will transfer students to the schools in other College or other administrative area.

• Step 4: Students can enter school after visit and meeting. And whether the student need to learn in preparatory class or not depends on his/her ability of language. Also the preparatory class is free.

4 Intimate Service

There are many intimate services besides free public education, which makes every student and parents feel convenient and warm.

• 1 year’s free study in preparatory class

• Trusteeship after school is convenient for working parents.

• Nutritious breakfast and lunch.

• Safe and convenient school bus.

5Extended Service

Some applicants of MRVP may at their age of 17 or 18, facing the pressure of applying for university, eagerly need to promote their English.

Maltese language courses are famous around the world and language schools and courses are blooming everywhere. You can find suitable courses to promote English rapidly.

Following are legal ELF( English Language Teaching) schools. Among these EF、ACE、CE have branch offices. The fee of course is about 120 euros/week. And you can choose General English or IELTS.

Now clients can enjoy very favorable public education in Malta. Also you can choose private education with high quality. Even you can just come to improve your Engllish here.

In short, Come to Malta with children!

Application Requirements for MRVP

The main applicant is at least 18 years of age

Provide a statement of annual income more than 100,000 euros or fixed assets over 500,000 euros.

Hold a qualifying property that meets government’s requirements (buy or rent) for 5 years

Hold qualifying investment (government bonds) that meets government’s requirements for 5 years

Provide a police conduct certificate

Pass the due diligence

Buy a medical insurance

Applicants must be non-EU citizens

Can be with spouses, children (younger than 26 years old),parents and grandparents who are not economically active and principally dependent on the main applicant.