Purchasing 4 apartments in Greece with only €250,000


Are you still entangled in buying which property with your €250,000?! To choose one located in downtown with convenient transportation or one next to decent schools, to buy one for your own comfort or for higher rental yield?

From now on, no worries! We officially offer you “incomparable 4 in 1 property combos”. With €250,000, you can buy 4 properties in Athens downtown, possessing free large balcony and perfect supporting facilities. Sitting beside each other, all these properties are easy to rent. Purchasing means earning. If you buy our combos, you will receive profitable returns immediately!

Display of properties

Due to its low investment cost, little background requirement, even easier than applying for a visa for a developed country like US or Britain, and little documentation requirement, Greece Investor Permanent Residence program attracts the attentions of more and more Chinese investors.

Applicants of Greece Investor Permanent Residence program are inclined to be younger. For most young people, it’s wiser to allocate investments reasonably and raise investment profits than accumulate and store the wealth in their pockets. Nowadays, as real estate market warms up and investment policy becomes clear, it’s the best time for properties investment in Greece!

Investment Requirements

Purchase of properties in Greece with a minimum value of €250,000

Reach the age of 18 years old

Purchase of medical insurance

No criminal records

  Strengths of Program  

◈ Benefit the whole family: all three generations of the applicant’s family can apply.

◈ Low investment cost: lowest amount of investment to receive permanent residence permit among all Schengen countries.

◈ Free access to Europe: as Greece is one of the Schengen countries, investors with “permanent residence permit” are allowed to travel freely in 30 European countries.

◈ Simple checking procedure: no requirements for education, language ability, proof of funding sources and commercial background.

◈ Short application period: around 3 months.

◈ Stable and risk-free: investment in properties secures and increases capital value, besides properties can be freely rented.

◈ No residence requirement: after receiving the permit, investors do not have to stay in Greece.

◈ Sound laws and regulation: consistent with the legislation and regulatory system of European Union.

◈ Convenient living: English is widely used in Greece and Greek people are friendly to Chinese.

◈ Citizenship requirement: investors are entitled to apply for Greek citizenship after living legally in Greece for 7 years.