Case-sharing: The first allowance of Spanish five-year residence card


Now, it’s the first time to announce that

Our customer who has invested 500 million of Euro in real estate property

has received the five-year residence card!

What a five-year residence card really looks like

which you've only heard but haven't seen before

Let's go and take a look~

This is the residence card of the principal applicant, MS . Chen

As we can see, the validity is until August 2021

On the back of residence card, specifies that

It’s a renewed inverter

And it’s allowed to work

At first, Ms. Chen has been very anxious since her daughter started kindergarten. She thought the kid was too small and didn’t want her to study under too much pressure, so tshe hasn’t given her daughter any after-school classes. However, when she realized that the other kids of the kindergarten their weekends are filled with specialty training class, she felt stressed. She began to hesitate,if the child live a happy childhood in this environment, she will fall behind other peers in study.

Quickly, another problem was coming, how to choose a good primary school bothered Ms.Chen? At first, she just thought that going to a closest primary school was the best choice. But a lot of people tried to persuade her to send her daughter to the best primary school, which was more likely to get a better high school in the future.

In China, Ms. Chan got two options. The first one was the international schools, but it was only for foreign students. And another one was buying an expensive but miserable and small school district housing. Soon she saw another possibility-immigrating to Spain. If the environment can’t be changed, we can just find more choices

Spanish air quality is very good, hygiene and food safety is guaranteed. In recent two years, her child has no longer have rhinitis, it also save a large amount of money to buy import food.

Ms. Chen lives in a sea view villa, the scenery is very beautiful, and it takes only 30 minutes driving to the city center, it’s as convenient as living in China. Comparing with the school district housing, the living condition is mucho better with paying the same price.

The kid was easily enrolled in nearby international schools. Tuition fees are much lower than Chinese international schools’, and there is less pressure. The point is that now her daughter can speak Spanish, English and Chinese easily. And the school is likely to open more foreign language classes in the future.

Their neighbors are warm and friendly, and their life attitude has affected a lot to Mr Chen. Now she feels more relaxed than before.

Now Ms. Chen, her daughter and her husband have gotten their five-year residence card. recalling all the past, Ms. Chen thinks that she had made the correct choice.